The Team

Gregg Krause

Gregg Krause Weightloss coach Pro Bodybuilder Ifbb

Gregg has had an interest in how to shape your body since he picked up his very first weight at 11 years old.  His introduction to weight training created an obsession, and he began consuming every book and magazine that he could find on training, nutrition, aerobics and bodybuilding and never stopped.

Fast-forward 20 years, with many years of athletic training under his belt from years of playing various sports in high school and college, he competed in his first bodybuilding competition.  His natural athleticism helped him be successful in the sport, as well as his knowledge that he obtained earning a degree in Finance, Economics and Physical & Health Education and a Master’s Degree in Sports Science, where he specialized in training, nutrition, and aerobics. Over the years he continued to compete as a bodybuilder, winning many awards in his respective class, and eventually met his goal to be an IFBB Pro when he competed in the 2013 Masters Nationals and won the overall. 

He is very involved with helping people reach their fitness goals.  Whether it is to lose weight, get back in shape, add muscle, step on the competitive athletic field or a bodybuilding stage. His knowledge in the sport is valued and he has been a head judge for the Ohio NPC North District, as well as the Vice Chairman for the Ohio NPC North District. Additionally,  he is the co-founder of the Northcoast Championships Bodybuilding Show (formerly the Power House Classic).   He currently is co-owner (along with his two daughters, Heather and Lauren) of Generation K – an online nutrition, diet, aerobics and one on one training service.  These services are all personalized to meet each individual client’s needs and goals.

Gregg has a lot to offer to anyone to meet their goals, whether it is looking to take their fitness to the next level or any competitor seeking to train for a show.  He also has decades of experience coaching and training various athletes in sports such as football, basketball, volleyball, wrestling and baseball/softball, due to his coaching roles at various schools in the NE Ohio area.