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Lauren Krause

Lauren Krause Generation K

Lauren is a natural-born athlete who played sports growing up until she graduated high school. She did not take a particular interest in fitness until she went away to college and needed to fill an athletic void that was created with no longer having sports teams to be a part of. With the urge to channel her energy into something, she began to work out at her first gym at the age of 18. Being in a gym environment eventually led her to be more aware of what she was putting in her body, and she began to pick up literature that taught her a lot about nutrition. This opened up a whole new world to her and she began to do extensive research on holistic wellness and how you can empower yourself to create optimum wellness. A decade later, a lot of studying and seminars attended, she is an expert source on holistic wellness and how one can nourish their mind and body with various foods, practices, and tools.

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